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Day: January 12, 2005

Impregilo Hires Icelanders

Following a newspaper ad, ten Icelanders have been hired to work for Impregilo at the Kárahnjúkar dam in east Iceland. The Italian contractors plan to advertise for more Icelandic workers in upcoming weeks.

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Icelander Right Hand of Kofi Annan in Liberia

Kofi Annan, managing director of the United Nations has appointed Steinar Berg Björnsson as his special assistant in Liberia. Björnsson, who has worked for the peace corps since 1990 and last worked in Sierra Leone, will be the deputy director of the peace corps in the country.

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The Price of Medicine

Icelanders pay more than other Nordic countries for medication according to a new survey by NOMESCO. However, Icelanders use less medication than the other Nordic countries, with the exception of drugs for mental illness.

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Aid from the North

A large group of Icelanders is organising a nation-wide collection of money for the victims of the Tsunami disaster. The event, called Neydarhjálp í Nordri (Emergency aid from the North) will be broadcasted on RÚV, channel 2 and Skjár Einn and various local celebrities will appear.

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